Holidays in Bright amid natural disaster

17 Jan

Jan 15th 2011.

Sitting on the balcony overlooking the Owens River, listening to the sound of the flowing water, native birds, I thought of writing this blog. The temperature is approximately 32 degrees Celsius with relative humidity approx. 37%. Admiring the nature and feeling calmness slowly seeping into my mind. For the past fortnight, everybody in the Australian Nation has been following the news of the devastation caused by the floods in the Australian state of Queensland, hundreds of death in the floods of Brazil, Uncontrolled fires in Perth and in the past two days the havoc caused by the flash floods in the Western Victoria.

One might think that in such a terrible time, how can people think about going to holidays? The same question I have been asking myself. But after doing four wheel driving on a washed off gravel road to a hilly lookout in Bright known as Apex Lookout, bit of walking along the bank of the Owens river, deep breathing the fresh air, dipping in the cold water of the river, shaking the swinging bridge; you come to think that you are better off helping by donating for the relief cause as there is a huge wave of volunteers and people like me will be in their way of cleaning up. The country does not and should not stop from its day to day economy generating routine – it is as important as rebuilding the damaged properties in our country due to Natural Disaster.


Nature at its best is so calming and yet so dangerous when it unleashes its fury. The beauty of the nature generates feelings of calmness, peace, happiness while its fury generates emotions of sadness, fear, anger etc. However, the recent disasters have also brought with them some positiveness in the terms of solidarity among the nationals, bringing back the part of wildlife which is normally not seen. Whether one believes the feeling of helping others and the strength to fight the negativity and continue on is caused by the divine power or one believes the selfish gene in us has made us do that (as in the case of Evolutionists), it is unarguably true that we have displayed total solidarity, oneness in our nation. This is part of humanity – treating others as humans and helping them without prejudice. Why should we not display the same attitude in normal circumstances? It is a fact whether you are creationist or evolutionist that the power of nature is far greater than us humans.

The work of rebuilding should go on and I encourage people to donate (Many donation avenues have been set up and you can choose the one you think is best for you). Remember it is you who is helping either by volunteering in the devastated area/s or you are donating for that cause. Every little bit counts – if your donation even helps a little bit it is money well spent. May we all get the inner strength to help others.

——–Pt. Prashant.

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