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God–A myth or reality

1 Apr

Before we touch the above topic, let me humbly request the readers to read it with an open mind and not with prejudice and/or preconceived mind. Not reading with an open mind might not allow the reader to get the message I’m trying to deliver and might contribute to anger/frustration in the reader.

For a higher percentage of people in the world, God does exist. However, for most of them it is just a blind belief without reasoning. Most people say that God does exist because I believe that there is God. Now if it is asked of them that why don’t they respect the belief of the Atheists that there is no Super Natural power called God? They are lost for words. Even famous people like Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also known as Mahatma Gandhi or Bapu have displayed the same view.

Few years ago I had an opportunity to attend a workshop organized by Arya Samaj where two teams were made by the organizers to encourage the reasoning in the attendees. One team favoured for “God does exist” while the other team for “God does not exist”; let us refer to them as team1 and team2 respectively. Attendees were free to choose the teams and I decided to choose the team with topic “God does not exist” even though I am a theist. Many intelligent as well as ridiculous points were raised but team 1 was unable to drive their point home. Some of the ridiculous ideas in my opinion were “as air cannot be seen with naked eye but does exist, so does God” and “even though we cannot prove it, there is God” and many other such notions; while team 2 was successful in easily debunking their views and providing concrete views as per Charles Darwin’s evolution. Now it cannot be argued that there were no intellectuals; on the contrary there were many people with degrees, doctorate and also few Arya Samaji Purohits (me being one of them). What was missing was the reasoning in the right direction. There were few people present there (who I am confident) could have easily provided the reasoning but chose not to participate.

It is unfortunate that we, the most intellectual beings of this planet, do not give much importance to reasoning. Let us try some reasons to see if God does exist:

1. Darwinism indicates that nature is still improving (Natural selection) – it points out the deficiency in nature currently, of the best forms yet to come in future. Progression is always downwards – a simple law. This can be explained by observing the civilizations – all the way from the Aryas to date. Pt. Gurudatt Vidyarthi (a famous Arya Samaji) in his works have given the example of the Spaniards landing upon the coasts of Central America and being struck with amazement at the contrast between the state of the countries which presented the populous nations subject to the rule of systematic government and established laws, skilled in arts and manufactures, enjoying all the benefits of the organized societies. There were many magnificent buildings and temples which have been completely wiped off after the occupation of the land (similar to the fate of the East Indian nation after the invasion of the Moghuls to a different degree). It is curious that the inhabitants of these lands, who are able to design and build such magnificent buildings and infrastructures, were ignorant of the use of iron. All we have to do is compare the glorious past of the Red Indians to their present. This is a very good example of downward progression. The same is true of other civilizations like Aryas, Egyptians, etc.

2. Richard Dawkins (considered as one of the most intelligent person alive today and is a professor in Oxford university) in the chapter 3 of his book “The God Delusion” states that the 2 of the qualities of God (Omniscience and Omnipotence) are incompatible. He writes “Incidentally, it has not escaped the notice of logicians that Omniscience and Omnipotence are mutually incompatible. If God is omniscient, he must already know how he is going to intervene to change the course of history using his omnipotence”. Now if Professor Dawkins would have read the Satyarth Prakash (The Light of Truth) then the meaning of Omnipotence and Omniscience would have been clear to him. Arya Samaj’s principle # 2 has given the attributes of God (

3. Let us ponder over Swabhavik (habitual) and Naimittik (bounded by rules or in coordination with rules). When we minutely think about the objects in the world we realize that there are many objects in the world. All actions in those objects are bounded by some law e.g. a child is born and grows for some time and then he starts on the path of decline and one day dies. The law we found from this example is that anything that is born changes state and dies in the end. Now that we have seen that the objects that change its state is made or born; let’s see if this world is without birth or not. Since the world is changing we can say that it has been created or born. Many people might say that they do not see the world change; only the things in it change. But if you think deeply you will realize that anything whose aspects changes is also viable to change. Since world is the collective name of visible & invisible things and all those things change; we can say that the world also changes. Hence, it is born and is destructible. Now that it’s been reasoned out that the world is created or is born; a question arises that creation is of two types – Habitual (Swabhavik) and Accidental or Occasional (Naimittik). When we go to any jungle or hill or place and see lots of trees and plants we say that these trees have grown naturally or habitually; but if we go to a garden and see rows of flowers and vegetables we say that these have been planted by some knowledgeable person. Thus we can say that there is a law or rule of sowing is working in this garden. It is a known fact that there are rules and laws of the world. Hence it can be said that the world is created or made.  Many people say that mixing of red and blue colours generate black, likewise Soul is created from Prakriti Material. Deep thinking and reasoning intellect people know that one colour is stopping the effect of the other and both of them float away from the reality and generate black. Now that we have reasoned out that the world is ever changing and hence it is born or created due to the rules and law, we can also say that it has an intelligent creator. This intelligent creator is called God. The term intelligent creator is not as per the description of many religionists but in my opinion it represents the one to be the basis of the rules and laws of nature e.g. if the temperature of the sea increases for whatsoever reason the events of the land will be affected. Similarly, if the eco system of the land goes haywire then the other events of the earth are affected. The same is true for everything you see and don’t see around you which are born (if the word createdcreates confusion with you).

  1. Another example we can try is to attempt to reason out the power or energy behind a Nebula. A Nebula in short can be described as a phenomenon of the first stage of a stars cycle. It happens from the gravitational collapse of diffused gases in an interstellar medium. These gases and the cosmic dust are created or made from Prakriti.

Gases diffuse when the adhaar (base or support) for them is removed e.g. the adhaar of hydrogen gas in a gas bottle is the bottle itself. Once this adhaar is removed the hydrogen gas in the bottle is free to mix with other atmospheric gases. Thus, becoming practically useless for the purpose it was originally filled into the bottle. Similarly, human is the adhaar or efficient cause of the gas bottle (making or creating the bottle and filling it with the hydrogen gas). What we gather from this is that the human has made the bottle from the materials already existing and filled in the hydrogen gas which also existed. Hence, the efficient cause (human in this case) has provided the adhaar for the gas to be bottled. Similarly, there has to be a power or energy as the source of adhaar for the gravitation and its collapse. An energy or power source should be present as the efficient cause for the activity of Nebula. This efficient cause cannot be soul as it is limited in its capability. This efficient cause is called God and is known by the name AUM (pronounced as OM) as per the knowledge given by the Vedas. Professor Dawkins again in Ch 3 of his book “The God Delusion has given this argument (the unmoved mover, the uncaused cause and the cosmological argument) as regress. However, any answer we do not know we can apply it as a regress. For e.g. take the notion of the earth not being flat now if we would have lived in the age when people believed this then we can apply the same regress of it being told as round and not flat. The same regress can be applied to the Soul (the second entity which is unborn and will never die) as long as we overlook the fact that something is gone from the body when it is said to be dead; that something which makes it hungry, thirsty, feeling of pain and sorrow etc.

  1. Maharishi Dayanand in his Satyarth Prakash has also said that it is God who generates a feeling of shame etc. in us when we do wrong things. However, if we are not educated enough in Dharm (I’ve used the word Dharm as Religion is not the correct word for it and unfortunately, there is not a single word in English to describe Dharm) we suppress that feeling and go on doing wrong deeds. Evolutionists describe this as the selfish gene (one that makes us help others so that we will be helped in future). The selfish gene however, fails to explain the Rishis and Yogins who gave up everything for the humanity without wanting anything in return irrespective of being offered many types of bribes. For e.g. Maharishi Dayanand was offered to be declared as an Avatar of the God by the Hindu Priests of Varanasi as long as he stops preaching the Satya (Truth again is a misrepresentation of the word Satya) and let the superstition run in the people.

There are lots of reasoning that can be shown in terms of the origin of thought, Vedas being the books of revelation etc. (I intend to write small blogs explaining these as time passes). In simple, I can only say that whenever there is a doubt in the mind; always look at the teachings of the Rishis (not the translation by Prof. Max Muller, Ralph TGH Griffith, and Sayanacharya etc. as their translations are prejudiced and incorrect). If you find it hard to understand then consult and learn from knowledgeable persons in Vedic teachings for e.g. I would not have the amount of understanding in Rishis teachings like I have now, if I would not have cleared a lot of my doubts by communicating with Acharya Ved Prakash “Shrotriya”; whom I personally consider as the most knowledgeable person present today with respect to Vedic Teachings. Let me finish with a quote from Maharishi Dayanand’s Satyarth Prakash:

“The knowledge given by another cannot be called instinctive. What is instinctive is natural, it can neither increase nor decrease nor can it help anyone to make any progress, since the savages also possess this instinctive knowledge and yet they have not made any progress. The acquired knowledge alone is the cause of progress.

All of us during our childhood did not possess accurate knowledge of right and wrong, virtue and vice, but after having studied under our learned teachers, we were enabled to distinguish between right and wrong, virtue and vice. Hence it is wrong to hold that instinctive knowledge is all-sufficient.” The Light of Truth.

—–Pt. Prashant